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Jana Divis Doula

JD Doula & Photography

Jana is one of my favorite people – her presence is just so calming and centered. She is a light in our very dark world and has been illuminating my thinking since our days working together at a boudoir photography company in Washington.

She recently started her own venture in self-employment and I LITERALLY couldn’t be more proud of her. It’s so thrilling for me to be able to take our years together as friends and my knowledge of who she is to build a brand that represents her and her company. 

If you live near Wenatchee, WA and are expecting or know someone who is – check out for doula services and photography of all kinds! 

Testimonial -

I love the personal elements that were considered when creating a brand logo and website design. I can truly tell it was curated precisely for what I stand for as a company. I could not be any happier with how easy it was to communicate with Devinne. She is very professional and took the time to iron out all the details. Thank you for making an aesthetic & easy to navigate site for all my clients and future clients! Blessings ✨


-Jana Divis

Facebook Review 6/26/2020​